Today’s business travellers have higher expectations when it comes to booking corporate travel. They want intuitive and easy to use platforms and service solutions. Traditional Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and Corporate Online Booking Tools (OBTs) haven’t kept pace, leading to challenges in adoption, policy compliance and ultimately, spend visibility and control.

So what’s the solution?

Corporate OBTs need to be as good as, if not better, than their consumer counterparts. Give employees tools that are easy to use and reflect the user experience that they are accustomed to so
there is no need for them to go outside of the programme.

Ease of use

In contrast with booking a holiday, a business trip is generally based on an event, like a client meeting or conference. We don’t expect our business traveller to book it in the same way as he or she would browse their next holiday. Instead, a successful online booking tool (OBTs) fundamentally comes down to asking just three simple questions:

> Where does my journey begin?
> Where does my trip finish?
> When do I need to be there?

OBTs need to offer comprehensive travel content. They need to include all content from all the suppliers that travellers are permitted to use; otherwise those travellers will look elsewhere. Therefore, the tool must be capable of integrating content from multiple types of providers (air, rail, car, ground transportation, hotels) through direct connections as well as through
global distribution systems (GDSs).

Other requirements include a street view of the destination, an estimate of the total cost of a trip, a pre-approval process and a possible integration with an expense tool, all of which has a direct impact on adoption, productivity as well as compliance and spend control.

The Business traveller wins
Booking travel through consumer sites means business travellers spend hours researching, booking and then managing their business trips. It may seem convenient but quickly becomes a chore
and it’s not what they’re paid to do. Next generation OBTs empower travellers to book a fully priced, compliant and approved itinerary in a few clicks. They no longer need to figure out how to get to meetings, the best route, the best mode of transport, the nearest hotel or how long it will take and because they booked within the managed program, they are safe in the knowledge that changes and disruptions can be taken care of, even or especially when they are on the move. Our solutions are designed with a mobile first approach and work across any device at any time.

A successful online booking tool should meet the distinct needs of both the business and the business traveller.


> Tools that are as easy to use as those they use outside work.
> Convenience to book travel anywhere and on any device.
> Access to wide range of travel content.
> An easy way to comply with a companies travel policy.
> Timely updates to travel arrangements while on the move.

> Control, reconcile and forecast travel spend.
> Reduce unnecessary travel. Seamlessly integrate data back into
office systems.
> Know where employees are in case of an emergency.
> Provide tools and processes that increase employee productivity
and satisfaction.

The Business gains
Effectively managed travel programmes hold many benefits, particularly helping to control what can be for some companies the third largest area of spend. Giving employees an OBT tool which meets their needs ensures higher adoption rates as well as:
> Control of business traveller choice at point of sale.
> Keeping travel within designated booking channels.
> Ensuring all data is captured.
> Protecting your employees while travelling.

Travel managers benefit
Travel and procurement managers negotiate hard with suppliers, so implementing tools which encourage, rather than force travellers to book with those suppliers, contributes to reaching deal volumes and may help in future negotiations. The next generation of OBT’s offer all the benefits of managed travel, while meeting the needs and expectations of today’s workforce.

At Atlas Travel we’re passionate about improving business travel. We believe in providing ease and convenience, because arranging, managing and procuring travel should be easy. Through innovation and insight, we’re reinventing business travel. To find out more,

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