Covid-19 & Corporate Travel

Covid-19 Travel Information

Atlas Travel is the Irish partner for American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT). Amex GBT's Travel Vitals™ system provided COVID-19 Information & Advisories to business travellers.

Impact of Covid-19 on Business Travel

Are you considering restarting your business travel programme? What changes will you likely encounter at the airport, hotel or train station? How has Covid-19 impacted on the way we travel and what can you do to prepare for the new requirements?

We try to answer some of these questions in the below Q&A with Carl Lonergan, our head of Business Development.

Duty of Care in a Post Lockdown World

All organisations have a responsibility to keep their employees safe when travelling on business and a requirement to provide assistance when they encounter an issue on the road.

This is more important today than it has ever been and all companies must revaluate their travel programme and safety measures against the reality of travelling in the current environment. Have you updated your travel policy to cater to Covid-19 specific guidelines?