In the age of chatbots, AI and other extreme advances in personalisation Atlas Travel truly believes in a more personal friendly concept of service that is winning customer loyalty, referrals and even a few hugs along the way and is helping to shift some of the focus from pure tech to a hybrid concept of smart solutions and the front of the house servicing that corporate travellers need.

If you’d like to know how a potential travel management supplier will treat your traveller when they’re left high and dry  after their flight is cancelled then look no further than how that company treats their own staff. Many leaders in emotional intelligence, believe that “if you look after your staff they’ll look after your customers” it really is that simple when it comes to business travel.

Alternatively to having the supplier’s present at your business, you could combine their presentation with a site visit and have the suppliers present at their offices, trying to catch a glimpse of supplier during the procurement process is an ideal opportunity to get a feel for the company. Sales people typically wax lyrical about their organisation however an onsite visit will give you an insight into whether their ethics run deeper that the paper they are written on. Question your prospective Travel Management company (TMC) about their perspective values. If you’re going to get the best service then it’s vital that your choosen TMS is proactive in bringing these values to life through everyday workings of their business, particularly when it comes to how they engage and motivate their staff.

When it comes to business travel, a culture that cultivates employee engagement may spell the difference between a half hearted cut and past phone call and a problem solving, tailored service in which the agents will go the extra mile to look after your road warriors.

At Atlas Travel our mission is “to enhance every customer experience” through a combination of smart solutions delivery and exceptional service 24 x 7 and we strive to exceed the expectation wherever  we possibly can.