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Long Haul Hacks

22. Jan 2018 - Tips

1 Take a Picture:
Take a picture of where you parked the car, sounds obvious however when you get back to the airport sometimes your car will otherwise prove hard to find and that’s the last thing you need after a long flight. Same goes for your hotel bedroom, take a pic of the room number.

2. Snack Up:
Always take some healthy and fresh snacks (carrot sticks anyone?) or some homemade food that’ll make you feel great. It is important to stayed refueled while flying but the suggestion is not to overindulge in heavy or starchy foods while flying.

3. Bring lots to drink:
Drink lots of water it is probably the single most important thing to ensure you are hydrated while flying as this will help with jet lag. If you get a chance to pick up some Vitamin water, that is the recommendation and avoid drinking alcohol if you can.

4. Beat jet lag before it beats you:
“Adjust your phone/watch time to the time at your final destination as subconsciously this will help you fight jet lag beforehand, sounds daft I know but true none the less.”

5. Keep on stretching before and during the flight:
Always lightly stretch your legs and back properly before and during your flight as it really will help with those parked out in economy.

6. Unpack as soon as you get to your seat:
Get EVERYTHING that you might need during the flight out. Those sitting next to you won’t like you digging under or above your seat mid flight. Get your books, labtop, headphones, med and anything else needed for the flight.

7. Comfy but loose clothing makes complete sense :
Wear light clothing on the flight, if you can cotton makes sense, Loose trousers pants etc make more sense than tight ones etc.

8. Wrap Up:
Bring warm socks and a big scarf – socks come in handy on all flights since it gets cooler up there and people tend to catch colds when flying.

9. Keep the routine:
Do everything you can to mimic your normal bedtime routine. Brush your teeth, wash your face, listen to soothing music, etc. An eyemask, earplugs, or decent headphones, and a comfy neck pillow can also do wonders!”

10. Stay awake the night before by packing:
If you are flying long haul back, time it so you sleep while flying as that will help you adjust your time clock upon your return.

11. Download games or netflix movies to view on your phone.
Download music, audiotapes, films, podcasts, and it doesn’t hurt to get a few puzzle games on your phone.

12. Bring technology-free entertainment alternatives:
Bring a notebook and take some time to write down cool things you’ve always wanted to do for your next big adventure. I find writing little lists about fun stuff helps pass the time, and gives my eyes a break in-between watching movies and reading. It is always good to de-wire while travelling.

AI and Chatbots

25. Sep 2017 - Tips

Artificial intelligence provides computers with the ability to learn and respond accordingly without the need to be programmed specifically. A common example of this is the use of chatbots,
which are commonly used on major websites’chat features to help users with simple service requests online without the need to speak to a live travel consultant. Amazons Alexa can now converse with a few booking sites, to give a voice automated update on your perspective itinerary and this is a good example of how AI and voice recognition software is beginning to take hold in relation to travel.

The reality is that most of us, use AI every day without even realising it, the Netflix streaming service is technically driven by AI delivering relevant content based on your real time watching habits. “Siri” has been around for years while “Hey google” is another common example how AI has now made it into our homes. The challenge particularly around corporate travel servicing is the complexity and the fragmented sources used for making bookings and the challenge in collating this data and enabling travel managers to guage real time trends and subsequently responding to upcoming challenges.

The use of chatbots at this stage is to simply respond in a logical way based to pre-programmed and learned responses. An example of this would be the various airports Dublin, Frankfurt and Geneva that use chatbots to help assist passengers in locating lost luggage, checking in and simple questions about flight details etc. This doesn’t however eliminate the requirement for the human touch and consideration around corporate travel servicing where consultants will spend more of their time resolving complex itinerary requests, focusing on customer service and driving policy compliancy.

The reality is we should already have virtual travel assistants and we will use services from our phones that keep us informed of flight changes, weather, provide basic information in relation to the trip in the form of a travel App. The Apps Atlas Travel use, drive this kind of information currently and we look forward to develping these tools further to meet the demands of business travellers as technology continues its march forwards.

Atlas win “Deloitte Award”

25. Mar 2017 - Tips

Atlas wins “Deloitte Best Managed Award”

Atlas Travel have been awarded a Deloitte Best Managed award for the first time this year, following a lengthy qualification and judging process in which the complete performance of a business is assessed, moving beyond finances to such areas as operational excellence, strategy, and human resource processes.

The awards event in Dublin’s Convention Centre on Friday 3rd March marked the eighth year of the Deloitte Best Managed Companies awards programme, in association with Barclays Bank Ireland. The awards were attended by over 800 people from the Irish business community.

Stephen Mc Kenna CEO of the Atlas Travel Group noted that “Atlas Travel are delighted to have picked up a Deloitte Best Managed award which recognises the contribution of all our team and the collective effort in driving change in Corporate travel management with innovative solutions and servicing concepts.” This award recognizes that contribution from everyone in the company.

The Deloitte Best Managed Companies programme, in association with Barclays Bank Ireland, promotes and recognises excellence in Irish owned and managed companies. It is the only awards scheme on the island of Ireland that considers a business’ performance from every perspective. Entrants to the programme will compete for this designation in a rigorous and independent process that evaluates the calibre of their management abilities and practices.

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