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This Data Protection and Privacy Policy (the Policy) pertains to your rights on how Atlas Travel Services Limited, a company registered in Ireland, registration no. 226735, collects and uses your ‘personal’ information. As a participant in our Corporate Travel Programme you have the right to review this Policy prior to providing Atlas with any of your personal data. To understand the Policy please see below description of our practices.

Any queries or comments regarding the content of this Policy should be forwarded to the Atlas Travel Services’ IT Director at the following contact details:

NAME: Mr Eamonn Murray

ROLE: IT Director

OFFICE LOCATION: Atlas Travel Services, 38 Pearse St, Dublin 2

TEL: +353 (1) 2412370

EMAIL: [email protected]

At Atlas Travel we treat your privacy with utmost priority. We work on a trust-based relationship with our clients. We are committed to the appropriate use of personal information and to protecting the privacy of personal information in our care.

Data Protection is a vital component of our service. The protection of data is specifically in relation to any data pertaining to the ‘individuals’ within your company.

In compliance with the Irish Data Protection Act (2018), we will cite a lawful basis for any processing of your personal data. Further, we seek your explicit consent to the processing of special category personal information, as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including information in relation to your physical or mental health, racial origin, political opinions, religious beliefs or trade union membership.

What information we collect

In order to serve you and your travel requirements we collect personal information which is required to facilitate your travel arrangements. For example, we may collect your name, contact information, home address, passport details, confidential billing information, relevant health issues and dietary requirements. We will take steps to ensure that you are aware of the collection of all such information and understand the uses of this information for the travel management process.

Your personal data will be processed either:

  • With your specific consent, or
  • Within the terms of any contract we may have with you for the purposes of meeting your travel requirements.

Your personal information is collected directly from you whether it’s in person, by telephone, email, through our website, mobile apps, social media or any other contact we or our business partners may have with you. Your data is collected when you complete your traveller profile, purchase travel and communicate with us.

Where a third-party agency or partner processes your data on our behalf, we will have a formal, written contract in place with them ensuring that their processing of your data is in compliance with the relevant legislation.

Use of the information

We use personal information in relation to booking of flights and travel-related services. We use some of the personal information obtained for ensuring an easier and seamless travel experience, for example: Meal Request, Preferred Seating, Reward Programs, etc.

Information such as next of kin details and Traveller Tracking is essential to improve risk management and traveller security. Our commitment is to utilise data gathered to better service you in a tailored, customized approach.

Our communication and use of personal information may also include gathering information so we can develop our services for you, ensure you are on the right program and rewards programs, solve problematic issues identified and ensure the prevention of illegal activities.  Our ongoing commitment to developing our service will involve surveys and social media notices, so we can create new platforms to best meet your travel and welfare needs and develop a better travelling experience and travel management service for you.

Where we wish to include you in our promotional activities or competitions, we will only do so with your prior, clear consent, in compliance with the GDPR and with the Irish Electronic Communications Regulation (2011).

Disclosure of information 

To ensure a seamless travel experience we may be required to share your information with the following;

  • Travel suppliers and credit card checking companies
  • Third Party vendors such as airlines, hotels, car rental companies and other service providers
  • Regulatory bodies, law enforcement bodies and agencies to protect against fraud or related security/ illegal activities.
  • US Homeland Security for travel to the US or other Customs and border protection authorities.

When required, third party suppliers and vendors may be sent your information which is specific to your travel arrangements and where any processing of data is required by vendor or suppliers, their names will be specifically detailed by us to you.

Third party contractors must only use this information for your travel arrangements and must ensure that the information is suitably protected. Although we only work with reputable suppliers, we recommend you evaluate their Privacy Policies in order to further understand their procedures in relation to the use of your data, as this is out of our control.

Retention of data  

We retain data that is required in our contractual duties in the provision of services to our client companies and their employees. We review the data frequently and only retain for as long as necessary. Any deletion of data that is required is carried out in a timely fashion.

Security of information 

We have security procedures in place to protect your personal information. We understand the importance of constantly improving our systems to mitigate risk and our team of technological experts are focused on this task. In-house, we are focused on ensuring your information is safe and only used for your travel needs. Access is restricted and password controlled.


You may receive updates regarding special promotions or competitions targeted to your specific travel interests from time to time. You will only receive such messages where you have provided us with your consent to do so, or where they relate to products and services similar to those you have recently purchased.

You are under no obligation to respond to these emails and you can opt out or discontinue receiving such messages at any time. Once we are notified of your preference in this regard, we will take steps to stop using your information in this way.


A cookie is a small piece of text sent to your computer’s memory which can later be retrieved by other web pages. Cookies are used to make your interactions online more convenient for you as well as to help us ensure that our services are as efficient and relevant as possible.

You can disable cookies using your own browser settings, or by following directions provided on the website. However, this may effect what material you will have access to on our websites, or the functionality of certain website features.

Complaints/ Feedback 

All complaints/feedback can be done via your travel consultant. All requests for access to your personal information or change of your personal information is done via a written request to:

Data Protection Manager

Atlas Travel

38 Pearse Street

Dublin 2

Changes in our policy

Atlas Travel reserves the right to modify this Policy from time to time. Please check our website for any on-going changes.

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