Smart corporate travel solutions
Empowering business travellers

So what's the solution?

Reinvent how your business manages its travel programme with some clever solutions for the modern business traveller. Our mission is “to enhance every customer experience” by making business travel easier and more efficient. Give employees tools that are easy to use and reflect the user experience that they are accustomed to so there is no need for them to go outside of the program.

Online Travel Booking

In 2016, we launched the Atlas Travel Adoption Academy concept which has enabled us to drive smart solutions end to end for a company and its business travellers. For our clients, it means delivering a better booking experience for business travellers and travel arrangers while for travel managers we can optimise savings and deliver duty of care solutions.


Corporate booking tools

Everything the modern business traveller needs, in one beautifully designed place.

Ease of use

In contrast with booking a holiday, a business trip is generally based on an event, like a client meeting or conference. We don’t expect our business traveller to book it in the same way as their next holiday. Instead, a successful online booking tool (OBT) fundamentally comes down to asking just three simple questions:

  • Where does my journey begin?
  • Where does my trip finish?
  • When do I need to be there?

Smart business traveller

The booking tools need to offer full and comprehensive travel content

They need to include all content from all the suppliers that travellers are permitted to use, otherwise those travellers will look elsewhere. Therefore, the tool must be capable of integrating content from multiple types of providers (air, rail, car, ground transportation, hotels) through direct connections, as well as through global distribution systems (GDSs).

Other requirements include a street view of the destination, an estimate of the total cost of a trip, a pre-approval process and either an integration or a hand off capability to an expense tool. All of these have a direct impact on adoption and productivity, as well as compliance and spend control. Our solutions cater to the following individuals.

  • Simplified travel

    Fast, easy to use travel tools and service support business travellers will love. We listen to client needs, values and offer innovative solutions and servicing concepts to suit modern day corporate travellers.

  • Business traveller support

    Our 24/7 team can service business travellers 365 days a year ensuring a personalised, proactive service when and where they need it.

  • Business travel compliance

    Combine our negotiated deals with your preferred agreements and policies to build a travel programme that works for everyone. Adoption is natural when you have a simple solution that meets the needs of the business traveller.

  • Business travel reporting

    Gain visibility with business insights to help you make smart decisions. With our reporting solutions it’s easy to consolidate your travel data, make informed decisions and drive savings.

  • Traveller disruption management

    Your employees are a valuable company asset. That’s why we provide a complete set of solutions to protect them and assist them in the case of emergency.

  • Travel management consulting

    Providing data, deep analysis and insightful recommendations, our consultants help you to evaluate and better understand your travel patterns.

  • Supplier network

    Our partnership with American Express Global Business Travel enables you to have access to an extensive travel inventory that reduces cost and increases benefits.

  • Travel expense management

    Seamless integration with a variety of expenses systems give you the flexibility to track spending in real time and reimburse business travellers faster.

  • Meetings and events

    When your company needs to plan a conference or incentive trip, you’ll get extra help with sourcing and organising group travel.

  • Executive traveller care

    For your high-volume road warriors and executives who need a more refined touch, we offer executive travel consultants with VIP concierge capabilities.

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