Exceptional Service through Smart Solutions

So what's the solution?

We help companies reduce the cost & complexity of travel management with exceptional service and innovative technology solutions.

Words of wisdow scope of services

Reinvent how your business books and manages corporate travel. Atlas offers a suite of travel booking, management tools and servicing options for the business traveller, travel arranger, manager or owner of a business.

  • Simplified travel booking

    Fast, easy to use travel tools and service support business travellers will love. We listen to client needs, values and offer innovative solutions to suit modern day travellers. Book on your mobile, desktop or through our Business Travel Centre.

  • User Friendly technology

    Seamlessly book business trips in under 1 minute via any device.

  • Business traveller support

    Our 24/7 team look after business travellers 365 days a year ensuring a personalised, proactive service when and where they need it.

  • Business travel reporting

    Gain visibility with business insights to help you make smart decisions. With our reporting solutions it’s easy to consolidate your travel data, make informed decisions and drive savings.

  • Traveller disruption management

    Your employees are a valuable company asset. That’s why we provide a complete set of solutions to protect them and assist them in the case of emergency.

  • Travel management consulting

    Providing data, deep analysis and insightful recommendations, our consultants help you to evaluate and better understand your travel patterns.

  • Supplier network

    Our partnership with American Express Global Business Travel enables you to have access to an extensive travel inventory that reduces cost and increases benefits.

  • Travel expense management

    Seamless integration with a variety of expenses systems give you the flexibility to track spending in real time and reimburse business travellers faster.

  • Meetings and events

    When your company needs to plan a conference or incentive trip, you’ll get extra help with sourcing and organising group travel.

  • Executive traveller care

    For your high-volume road warriors and executives who need a more refined touch, we offer executive travel consultants with VIP concierge capabilities.

  • Business travel compliance

    Combine our negotiated deals with your preferred agreements and policies to build a travel programme that works for everyone. Adoption is natural when you have a simple solution that meets the needs of the business traveller.

Ease of use

Nice to Know You
We have a very thorough understanding of our clients and their objectives. We ensure that appropriate solutions and services are incorporated into your travel programme and the right booking process is implemented both offline and online, with leading edge tools to drive an end to end travel process specific your needs.

Our staff are very focused on driving an exceptional service experience. It is at the heart of everything we do. Our Travel Technology makes even the most complex travel programmes easy to manage.


    Dedicated experts to assist you at every stage of the business travel journey.
    Smart technology that helps you book and manage your travel.
    Boost your bottom line with access to our exclusive rates, offers and efficiencies.
    Increase the visibility of your travel spend to find more savings.

Our Mission

To "enhance and exceed every customer experience."

This describes what we exist to do and helps our staff relate to how we service our clients on a day to day basis . It also reflects precisely why so many of our customers choose us to help manage their travel and expense programs.

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