Our Current (Corporate Social Responsibility)

At Atlas Travel we try to embody the objectives of CSR. Like many SMEs, we are committed to creating bigger and more meaningful impact in terms of CSR and have started a series of roadmaps to get to where we want to be in the near future.

In our 49 Years, we have always strived, we may not have always got it right, but we have tried to learn, always.

  • We have always strived to operate fairly and uphold a fair process for discussions and re-solutions from all stakeholders when required.
  • We have always strived to operate with integrity and honesty in the marketplace and with our competitors / suppliers / customers / employees.
  • We have always operated in accordance with our core values, and continue to add new ideas and innovative practices to areas that we feel need addressing.
  • We have always contributed in-house and externally to community causes; even in 1961 Andrew McKenna was responsible for co-ordinating the first ever St Patricks Day festival in San Francisco and involved in setting up the first Irish Cultural Centre.
  • We pride ourselves on our delivery of Quality Service, responsiveness and the care we give the traveller. In 2014 in a recent American Express Global Business travel benchmark survey of its Travel Partners, Atlas Travel received the highest rating with a customer satisfaction rating of 98%.
  • We pride ourselves on our current development of a multi-dimensional team analysis culture and our underlining of the importance of ‘Team’ expertise and respect as well maintaining a respectful working environment.
  • We pride ourselves on the fact that we rated with the lowest turnover of staff versus our peers in the industry, as recently benchmarked in an Amex Global Business Travel global survey. We count ourselves very lucky to have such expert and experienced staff in-house.
  • We have always had a ‘mind-set’ that being successful does not have to be mutually exclusive to community wellbeing; including the wellbeing of our employees as well as that of the wider community.
  • We ALSO recognize our in-company survey results in 2014 and know we can do a lot better in 2015/2016

In 2017, we started an in-depth level of analysis in-company with several surveys. We are committed to being innovative in that space, and finding solutions that work for us as a company and yet have real impact for Employees, Community, and Environment. We are committed to putting energy into finding solutions and re-inventing what we can do.

As part of our mission of a smarter workplace and a smarter company, we created our wellness programme. An important part of being a smart company is to try to support the wellbeing of our staff – our incredibly loyal and hardworking staff at that!! Wellbeing at work has been our focus at the end of 2014, and remains our focus of 2015. We believe that ensuring a healthy workplace helps productivity, morale and innovation, which we know will create a positive long-term impact right across the spectrum of stakeholders.

Healthy workplace

Better communication channels, engaging people and their ideas, and collective problem solving with idea-storming, is part of creating a culture of a ‘healthy workplace’. We committed to this in 2014, and through lean initiatives, ‘visual management boards’, daily meets and inter-departmental analysis, we continue to create a smarter workplace as an on-going priority. We hope to roll out new ideas using these platforms, as to how we can enhance our customer experience. We are committed to continually working on new solutions to engage ideas on how we can improve this. Greater transparency and accountability to our staff, as well as improved efficiency, is an on-going priority project.

Atlas Annual Wellness Programme for 2016-2017 for all Employees

A bespoke tailored programme was created and launched, that offers choice, options and solutions that were feasible to our constraints as a company – mainly space and people resource issues. The surveyed response we received was very positive.

Our programmes are varied, using different mediums (Live webinar for personal budgeting), Tax support (with thanks to the ITAA for their support and Fionnula Carter) to in-house 1-1 sessions (Private clinic time) to talks (8 Persons) and call-in options for our implants and home-workers. The varied options work for us as a company and on an individual level and is a win-win for all.

  • Corporate chair sessions
  • Healthy Body & Mind Series including talks and Private Health Clinics for Private Q&A.
  • Corporate Chair Yoga
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Personal Budgeting
  • Tax Support
  • First Aid
  • Community

In 2016, we contributed financially to the following causes:

  • Focus – Sponsor a Star
  • Team Hope – Shoe box Appeal- (Staff contribution)
  • Hospice – Coffee Morning (Staff contribution)
  • Make a Wish – ITAA Fun Day Sponsorship
  • Aware – GoHop.ie Voucher
  • Tour De France Sponsorship
  • Movement Charity (Men’s Health) – GoHop voucher.
  • East Galway Cancer Care
  • Simon Community
  • org
  • Environment

We understand that we have a long way to go within this area. However, our tailored department specialists are driving innovative practices in the leisure section and we want to thank them for leading the charge on this.

Environmental Conservation

South Africa

– We support the Chipembere Rhino Foundation in their continued fight against poaching in the Eastern Cape. 500 ZAR (about 40 EUR) per person per booking is invoiced by our local ground handler and quarterly payments are made to the foundation directly. To date we have donated over 30,000 ZAR (about 2,500 EUR) to this cause.

– We also support the Alviro Petersen Foundation which aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities also in the Eastern Cape. 320 ZAR (about 25 EUR) per booking is invoiced by our local ground handler and quarterly payments are made to the foundation directly. To date we have donated over to 10,000 ZAR (about 800 EUR) to this foundation.

Green Reporting Package for Corporate Clients  

We recently invested in technology that can give our clients a suite of reporting, including Carbon footprint reporting for better data and business intelligence. We are committed to better communicating and marketing our green reporting options to clients, and proactively driving green reporting solutions and developing a tailored green reporting package.

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